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ICAT | ARAI | AIS 140 APPROVED GPS Tracking Devices in Mumbai

The advanced ARAI Approved, AIS 140 GPS tracker is the flagship version of Mumbai GPS. It is far ready with advanced features like serial statistics input, more than one i/o & numerous MIS Reports. It is been designed that specialize in India's climate conditions and enterprise necessities. The device is good for cab aggregators, Employee Transport, Oil & Gas, Fleet Management, and Intelligent Transport Systems, logistics & Smart City Projects.

AIS 140 is IP66 certified water resistant, warmth resistant & has the strong frame. it comes with an SOS emergency button. AIS 140 is fully well suited with Mumbai GPS tracking software & Smartphone Applications.

Use of AIS 140 GPS Device for vehicles

The AIS 140 Certified GPS integrates a GPS receiver, a mobile phone modem and some firm wares that are packaged in what is known as a GPS tracking device. The GPS devices like AIS 140 GPS connects through the cellular network to a backend server system; this system is often based on an internet program, but can also be installed on a receiver that users use, to manage each tracking device. The server system is commonly referred to as a tracking platform and contains the main user interface between the user and the tracking device. The AIS 140 Standard devices are well-known for their working efficiency. The interface itself is a combination of the software comprising cartography, databases and other software programs that manage communication between the device and the monitoring platform.

Why do companies require Government approved GPS?

It is increasingly observed that vehicle tracking systems like AIS 140 Device can reduce the costs of the vehicle fleet by identifying infractions such as speeding, the use of vehicles for personal purposes, sudden braking and vehicle wear. The companies see a significant increase in the productivity of the mobile personnel. In the areas where it is installed, there is an improvement in the efficiency of the hours worked by the employees by identifying the breaks they make, time dedicated to the location of a customer and the use of company vehicles for personal use by using the GPS Tracker Approved by AIS 140.

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Some of the key features of the ICAT ARAI & AIS 140 APPROVED GPS Tracking Devices are:

  • : Real-time tracking with GPS
  • : Configurable tracking modes
  • : Remote cut-off (petrol/power)
  • : Large battery backup of 800mAh
  • : Voice Monitor
  • : Multiple Alarm
  • : SOS Emergency Call
  • : Dust and Waterproof
  • : ICAT, ARAI Certified and AIS 140 Approved

Our certified 140 GPS tracker device has been proudly designed, developed, and manufactured in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.