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Mumbai GPS” we provide GPS tracking equipment for your day to day solutions. We are a company that thinks for the customers like a customer. We aimed for a vision to make navigation and tracking affordable to all and we have achieved this with the help of our mentor Mr. Ranjan Chadha who is also the developer of this company. He started this company in the year 1994. Mumbai GPS is not only an ace in vehicle,automobile industry but apart from that it's even a brand name that is now an example for others to look upon. Power of Mumbai GPS is such that people blindly trust the quality of manufactured products. Our name is a mark of quality and service. We have taken the standards of AIS 140 GPS solutions to all new level and have become an inspiration to those who aspire of achieving big without compromising their self esteem and customers satisfaction.With strong determination and dedication we have climbed the steps of success increasingly day by day.

We never compromise quality. Our motto is to deliver Quality at its best. We also believe that along with experience and focused dedication, skills and proper knowledge is also required to achieve what we desired for. We have got a hundreds of customers in India who are satisfied with our products. We are also honored and obliged to express our heartfelt gratitude to those expert technicians and engineers that have been working along us for a quite long time now. It's their genuine efforts and hard work that today we are so much honored and have reached this high.

All our equipment's have undergone deep and rigorous checks and testing before setting out for retail sale or supplying them in market and various to stores .The checks are made by us really carefully so as to understand the problems that may be occurred during the usage of these products. All the checks are made by a group of experts. All these checks ensures that if at all there's any scope of improvement or debugging ,then the same can be rectified and done. The software's used in manufacturing of our equipments are tried and tested many times. Alpha and beta testing is done prior to the use of this software's in our products. The software's that are used in our equipments are developed by many renowned engineers and software developers.


Serving from the past 10 years now in this industry we have expanded are business thoroughly. Initially we had just started with a very few range of products, but now we serve in the whole tracking equipment range while is AIS 140 GPS Device enabled. Our ranges include passive trackers, active trackers, along with hybrid trackers.